Putnam County Circuit Clerk
Putnam County Circuit Clerk

About the Circuit Clerk's Office

Circuit Clerks are elected for a period of six years and their duties, responsibilities, compensation are set by statute.

The Circuit Clerk is an officer within the judicial system and plays a pivotal role in that system.

The Circuit Clerk is responsible for all papers in the office. this means the clerk is the registrar, recorder and custodian of all pleadings, documents and funds pertaining to cases filed in the circuit court.

The Circuit Clerk is responsible for the administration and management of the petit and grand jury systems in the county. Under the direction of the court, the clerk creates the master list of prospective jurors; randomly selects panels for attendance; qualifies and summons the jurors; and monitors attendance and mileage for reimbursement purposes.

The clerk is also the fee officer. The clerk is authorized by statute to collect various fees, fines, and costs associated with cases and hold and disburse other types of payments and deposits, such as bonds and restitution.

The multiple functions and responsibilities of the clerk's office require that the clerk periodically report various statistics, reports and other information to other governmental agencies. The Circuit Clerk is the provider of certain vital statistics to the department of human services and financial data to the offices of the state auditor and the state treasurer.

The Circuit Clerk is also authorized to appoint deputy clerks subject to the review of the court and/or county commission. Deputy clerks take the same oath of office as the clerk and perform all official acts and duties in the name of the circuit clerk.

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The Putnam County Circuit Clerk's Office Officially launched the E-File Initiative on February 3, 2020. Visit the E-Filing site here.