I would like to:

Animal Shelter

Assessor's Office

Convention & Visitor's Bureau

County Clerk's Office

County Commission's Office


Development Authority

Emergency Medical Services-(EMS)

Fiduciary/Probate Office

Fire Service Board

  • Call the Fire Service Board: (304) 586-5370

Office of Emergency Services (OES)

Parks and Recreation

Planning Commission

Probation Office

Prosecuting Attorney

Sherriff's Department

  • Call the Sherrif's Office: (304) 586-0256
  • Get a copy of crash reports (call or visit)
  • Get a copy of incident reports (call or visit)
  • Get in contact with an officer (call or visit)
  • File a criminal report (call or visit)
  • Pick up a concealed weapons application (call or visit)

Solid Waste Authority

Tax Office

  • Search Online Tax Records >
  • Pay for a gun permit.
  • Find out how to get a new registration sticker for my Class A WV License Plate: Call or Visit.

West Virginia Extension Office

911 Dispatch

  • To Report an Emergency Dial 9-1-1
  • Get information about my address: call (304) 586-5370
  • Get a copy of 911 tapes or documents: (304) 586-0253