Commission Meeting Agenda



Jim Withrow

J.P. Owens

Brian Donat

Monday, January 22, 2018

10:00 a.m.

Putnam County Courthouse

Commission Chambers – Second Floor



I.      Approval of last meeting minutes

II.   Consideration of Supplemental Resolution related to issuance of Lease Revenue Bonds, Series 2018 A and the acquisition from, and leasing to, the County Commission of Putnam County of certain Real Property owned by the County Commission and the improvements thereon.

III.   Election of Officers for Calendar Year 2018

IV.  Adjourn



Stephen A. Andes, Commissioner

Ronald R. Foster, Commissioner

Andrew Skidmore, Commissioner


January 9, 2018

9:00 a.m.


9:00 a.m.               Convene & Pledge of Allegiance

Orders and Election Orders Presented by Clerk

Brian Wood, County Clerk

General Business

Approve Prior Meetings Minutes

Erroneous Assessments and Combine & Divide

Budget Revisions

Sign Orders/Resolutions Presented by Commission Staff

Personnel/Payroll Changes

(Add/Delete/Change of Pay Rate or Position)

Agency Board & Committee Appointments/Interviews

Estate Settlements and Fiduciary Orders

Commissioners Reports/Public Comments

Moorefield Place Owners Maintenance Association ATV Petition

Larry Frye

Executive Session – Board Interview with Bryan Escue for Parks & Recreation Commission Board

Consideration of an Ordinance Authorizing the transfer, and subsequent lease, of certain property by and between the County Commission and the Putnam County Building Commission and the issuance of Lease Revenue Bonds, Series 2018 A by the Putnam County Building Commission

John Stump

Petition to Remove Christy Armstead as Executrix of the Estate of Clarence Rice Filed by Ronnie Roach

Larry Frye

Executive Session – Circuit Clerk Staffing Changes with Ronnie Matthews













































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